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Possible Opening Scene

The screen starts black. There is just the sound of steadily falling rain on cobbles. From the distance the faint stacatto tap of high heels, slowly getting louder.

The screen lightens slightly and we can see the outline of womens high heeled boots walking on wet cobbles and the faint sound of laboured breathing. The sound of someone walking fast and running late.

Then suddenly the rain stops and the sound of heels changes. The boots now walk on dry cobbles, under a bridge. They start to slow and then stop. The faint hum of various voices. The camera pans left and we see other pairs of boots, new rocks, patent high heels, transmuter platforms. Some shuffling, some tapping, a cigatette falls in the gutter, the camera keeps panning.

Until in between 5" stillettos and black biker boots suddenly flashes a pair of flat black strapped shoes with white socks!
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