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Ideas so far...

Here's an overview, creative ideas, and the first chapter already written out...see what you think...

Alice Project Overview:

Scenes to include from the book:
1. Down the Rabbit Hole (Tube train, the dangers within macdonalds)
2. The rabbit sends in a little bill?
3. Advice from a caterpillar (young alice meets old alice as trampy homeless in caterpillar sleeping bag)(the choice to grow bigger-left side/right side big mac)
4.Pig and Pepper (pub name?) (cheshire cat)
7. A mad Tea party (below pub) Bondage scene from childs eye view/poss cut across duplicate roles in a parental dinner table context in alices' head as she tries to make sense of it...)(would that be overcomplicating?)
8. The queens croquet ground.
9. Who stole the tarts.
10. ALices evidence (coming round at bottom of tube station escalator where she discovers she fell)

Rough Ideas/Notes:

Some cross cut scenes between alices young childs eye view of London and the adult world - eg. as a child she encounters the caterpillar and chooses to grow older-

Caterpillar is a street person up to the neck in a sleeping bag and wooly hat, knitting needles for antennae - old woman - actually alice herself- left or right side of big mac (haha)

Mad Hatters- Fetish club scene below the Pig and Pepper (cheshire cat must be some kind of drugged out idiot savant...) thru front door, back of pub downstairs in cellar-
Dormouse is a male bondage sub in a box (bring out the gimp!), female mad hatter dom figure - dressed as male british neo-victorian eccentric with a PILE of hats on top of her head -
This scene could be cross-cut with remembrance of tea with parents - so bondage dormouse is hen-pecked father, mad hatter is dominant mother (not that I'm drawing from my own childhood here...*cough*)...but this may overcomplicate matters...
Bondage scene seen through alices 8 year old eyes...woo hoo!!

Have some plans for costume - need to scan my sketchbook..

Written so far:

Opening scene:
Part 1: Down the Rabbit hole (Down The Tube)

Tube train. Young girl (alice) carrying Happy Meal. People reading broadsheets ignoring her.
She's looking around wide-eyed at the bustle of people and noise and dirt -
Too hot, crowded, stuffy...

'Down the Escalators'

'Rabbit' is seen on train - perhaps dressed victorian gentleman (steampunk style) with big rabbit ears on hat...distinctly out of place -
(I'm Late...)
Tube stops.
Rabbit out - Alice is caught in the push and loses her mother. Instead she follows the rabbit thru the station (rather like a rabbit hole/warren) - down many many escalators - still carrying happy meal.
Past adverts for ORANGE MARMALADE (book reference)
(like lost little girl in red in Schindlers List)

'I wonder how many miles these go down...'
'perhaps they could go right thru the earth...'



Dazed and in ankle pain - she follows the neo-victorian rabbit around a corner and comes upon a service door...

(rather like Harry Potter, this!)

Now she is on a disused tube platform, lit with fairy lights, candles and lanterns stolen from skips (Homeless world - like Neverwhere)

A tiny low window - thru which she can see a beautiful garden (botanical house/english lawn/whatever) - but she can't get in!

Lost, scared, muddied, grubby - she can open it (no key needed, but she is too big to get through)


Sits down miserably...opens her Happy Meal and looks with resignation at the grey, cold, not-too-appetising contents - puts the rabbit toy in pocket of her overcoat (use at end)

Starts on her coke/fruit shoot bottle...


Seen through Alice's eyes, everything becomes larger...

(this can be achieved by zooming out as you track camera towards object if I remember correctly...probably don't...but it's doable. Reverse for shrinking)

She can now get into the garden - but is not strong enough to open the latch/turn the handle -

Goes for cheeseburger...

Thinks nothing is happening...curious...hand on head to check...

Finishes off the cheeseburger, with a grimace as she swallows (oo-err!!)...regards the box (covered in Alice images...queen, cat etc etc)

Zoom in on graphics of Happy Meal (as above)

Alice begins to grow.


That's it so far. Let me know if you like the direction I'm going in...


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