its still alive

Yes the project is still going to happen at some point, the main protaginists have been somewhat busy but this is still something close to our hearts. I have a further book to read, the looking glass wars, which is a further look into Alice's world.

Offering my help

Hi all, just come across this community and wondered if I can be of any help... I live in London, and have made a couple of short films. I can do screenwriting, plus I am able to lend my hand to anything else needed

So what is the current situation with the project

I'm a big Alice in Wonderland fan

Hey hey, I'm new

Hey hey....My name's Hannah...I'm an alice-freak :D I was jus browsing the "alice communities" and came across the ALICE PROJECT ...can you guys tell me about this project? I see posts about "scenes" and such...what is it?


Scene One Concept

A bright clear day.

Alice on a bench swinger her feet reading a magazine over a friends shoulder.

Camera pans down to see a pair of white boots walking behind the bench. A flash of white calf and long white hair (hair may be OTT).

Alice checks out the "rabbit". Looks, stares, follows.

Scenes of pursuit, always the "rabbit" one step ahead, turning the corner, never see the "rabbit" as a whole. Alice chasing, running while the "rabbit" strides with purpose.

The "rabbit" takes a suddden turn, alice follows blindly and immediatly stumbles into darkness, only guided by the flash of white.

Note: focus on foot level camera work, the sound of footsteps and disorientation.

Alice goes from the bright light of day into the darkness of the rabbit hole club.

A Hallway, a door and a key. To travel further she must accepts the offered free drink and free food.
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just joined and wanted to offer my services (altho not proffesional) as a costume designer if u dont already have one:)
also, i live in brighton and have access to the private gardens where lewis carroll wrote alice in wonderland.

if anyone wanted to visit them for inspiration/picnics up trees, let me kno!


Scene Planner

Re thought the opening scene completely!!

Alice in wonderland is only 12 chapters so I may well follow those for the "Acts"

Down the rabbit hole
The pool of tears
A caucus race and a long tale
the rabbits sends in a little bill
advice from a caterpillar
pig and pepper
a mad tea party
the queens croquet-ground
the mock turtles' story
the lobster-quadrille
who stole the tarts?
Alice's evidence

So far I have written the outline for the first 2 acts but not sure how to implement the size changing into the script.

Possible Opening Scene

The screen starts black. There is just the sound of steadily falling rain on cobbles. From the distance the faint stacatto tap of high heels, slowly getting louder.

The screen lightens slightly and we can see the outline of womens high heeled boots walking on wet cobbles and the faint sound of laboured breathing. The sound of someone walking fast and running late.

Then suddenly the rain stops and the sound of heels changes. The boots now walk on dry cobbles, under a bridge. They start to slow and then stop. The faint hum of various voices. The camera pans left and we see other pairs of boots, new rocks, patent high heels, transmuter platforms. Some shuffling, some tapping, a cigatette falls in the gutter, the camera keeps panning.

Until in between 5" stillettos and black biker boots suddenly flashes a pair of flat black strapped shoes with white socks!
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