Elves_uk (elves_uk) wrote in alice_x,

Scene One Concept

A bright clear day.

Alice on a bench swinger her feet reading a magazine over a friends shoulder.

Camera pans down to see a pair of white boots walking behind the bench. A flash of white calf and long white hair (hair may be OTT).

Alice checks out the "rabbit". Looks, stares, follows.

Scenes of pursuit, always the "rabbit" one step ahead, turning the corner, never see the "rabbit" as a whole. Alice chasing, running while the "rabbit" strides with purpose.

The "rabbit" takes a suddden turn, alice follows blindly and immediatly stumbles into darkness, only guided by the flash of white.

Note: focus on foot level camera work, the sound of footsteps and disorientation.

Alice goes from the bright light of day into the darkness of the rabbit hole club.

A Hallway, a door and a key. To travel further she must accepts the offered free drink and free food.
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