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Roll Call

goregoddess - long distance star and supplier of inspiration and maybe web cam footage for editing in.

twistedtart put me on to the book Automated Alice by Jeff Noon and further research

Sounds like fun, not that my acting skills are up to much these days. My written English sucks too, but my sister

works for a script editing company, so I might be able to get her to take a look at it once there is something


hmm, interesting, I might well have some interested actors/filmakers too ;-)

missvontrapp all hands on deck kinda

sadiecakes model/actress/performer and supporter

icklegoth*points* Hello, actress over here!!! Oh and Alan is a film maker person! And writes pretty well.I'd

guess that Alan will be happy to help out with the filming. He's a director AND can operate his mini DV pretty well ya

know :D I'd think DV is the way to go on no budget.By the way, did I mention I'm an actress, that's what I do?

*flutters eyelashes*

ikkleruby bunny_messiah.Both of us can use video recording/editing equipment, Kit's excellent with

editing & stuff (he taught it & has got loadsa excellent work in his portfolio) &, of course, any acting you need i'd

be happy to help with, too. he's also made unfinished music scores 4 films (which sounds really cool, what i've heard)

lozetteI don't have any equipment to offer, but if you manage to get as far as the editing stage I'll

volunteer. I've done manual film, video & digital editing before (on Media100i & Avid) and would like to do some again


gothicimageCan I take the production stills? :-) I did a photoshoot today with elviravixen and lydiamorgan and mentioned this project in passing. They're both interested as well.

sybyryan_lotuswow!!! it kinda sounds like my life on some days. (source material and inspiration)

elves_uk Tis I the mad ringmaster of this whole thing, all i can bring are contacts, the idea and the desire to see this thing through!
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